Hi, I'm Jen Jones

I'm a spreadsheet geek. I enjoy writing budgets, timelines and quality checking architectural drawings. I love to host dinner parties. I enjoy yoga, beach time with my husband and daughter, and brunch with my girlfriends (who doesn't though?!). I also love my job and if any of these points below resonate with you, then I’m here to help:   

  • you’re desperate to get your renovation underway, but feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make
  • you’re hoping to build new but you find the thought of a blank canvas extremely daunting
  • you know exactly what you’d like your home to look and feel like, but have no idea how to achieve it
  • you’re concerned about the overall cost and unsure how to budget for what you want
  • you fancy yourself as a DIYer but don’t know where to start
  • you’re ready to get underway but don’t really have the time nor energy to manage the process yourself

So what makes me your best home reno' weapon? Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with established New Zealand commercial businesses including NorthWest Shopping Centre, Auckland Airport, BNZ, BP, Lumino, Flight Centre and more, managing their construction projects, as well as undertaking residential projects of my own.

I set up Nine Yards Consulting to allow me to bring that experience and expertise to your residential project. Embarking on a home renovation or extension project is an exciting time, but it can be stressful. I am well equipped with the know-how, competence and confidence to manage the process, keep your project running smoothly, and share the journey with you from start to finish.

My unique combination of fitout, project and cost management experience allows me to take a holistic approach to your project. I am equipped to become your single point of contact for the whole nine yards.

Taking a hands-on, detailed approach, I can scale up or down at any time, to suit any sized project and add value by maximising efficiency and controlling the project timeline whilst staying mindful of the overall budget.

But don’t take my word for it! Here are what some of my clients have said about me:

Jess Britten said: "Jen is genuinely my secret reno’ weapon. She knows how to get shit done – for lack of a better word. Jen confidently guided me through planning, budgeting, sourcing and helped me stay on track in every sense of the word. She is worth her weight in gold and will be able to make your life so much easier."

Krystal Sayer & Simon Oddie said: "We reached out to Jen to help us kickstart our apartment reno, and we're so glad we did! The Renovation Trio gave us exactly what we needed to help us confirm our vision and scope up and price our renovation plan. This service saved us so much time, dollars and stress, especially as we were juggling the renovation with full times jobs and a newborn! We even extended Jen's scope to help us get through to contract award. Thanks for all your help!!"

Isobel & Shaun Ashman said: "I reached out to Jen once we'd purchased our 'do-up' to help us manage the renovations. We actually ended up extending our work with her beyond this Trio pack because her knowledge, help and guidance was just so incredibly invaluable. The assistance and support she offers us through out our continuing renovations has not only helped us keep to on-top of timeframes, but has definitely saved us HEAPS of money. Jen is the best secret weapon for anyone doing up their home!".

Keen to hear more about how I can bring your dream home vision to life on-time, within budget and completely stress-free? Book a FREE 30min discovery call to chat about your goals.