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JessicA Britten


"Jen is genuinely my secret reno’ weapon. She knows how to get shit done – for lack of a better word. Jen confidently guided me through planning, budgeting, sourcing, and helped me stay on track in every sense of the word. She is worth her weight in gold and will be able to make your life so much easier."

Jen Jones

Project Consultant

What you’ll get during this FREE discovery call

Once you've booked in a day and time that's convenient for you (you'll be able to see my diary and choose a time) I'll ask you a few questions to enable me to prepare for our meeting, during which we will discuss your dream homes goals, and any challenges you're facing with getting started.

After the call, I'll follow up with some options on how we might best work together but there's no obligation to do so. This is a FREE 30min discovery call simply to get to know eachother and if we're a good fit.

Before the call

When you book your call, you will be asked to answer a few questions about your renovation. Where it is, what you're hoping to achieve, your budget and timeline.

It's okay if you don't have all the answers, it simply gives me a sense of where you're at so I can come prepared to the meeting.

My preparation includes research on the property and location, and an assessment of budget and timeline against what you're hoping to achieve, so I can make sure we're all on the same page.

During the call

During the call, I'll invite you to expand on the answers you provided at the time of booking. We'll take more of a deep dive into your goals and chat about what can be achieved within your budget.

This is also an opportunity for you to ask me any questions you may have about how I work and the role I could play in your project.

I'll run you through what I think is the best option for your renovation project and send through some more information after the call.

After the call

My follow-up email will be sent shortly after the call, and summarise what we discussed in a handful of bullet points.

I will include some more information of how I can help, and the next steps should you like to proceed.

Depending on where you're at my recommendation could be anything from a $25 ebook or becoming a member of my "Help! I'm Renovating! VIP Group to a pre-packaged or bespoke service offering.

About Jen Jones

What makes me your best home reno' weapon? Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with established New Zealand commercial businesses including NorthWest Shopping Centre, Auckland Airport, BNZ, BP, Lumino, Flight Centre and more, managing their construction projects, as well as undertaking residential projects of my own.

I set up Nine Yards Consulting to allow me to bring that experience and expertise to your residential project. Embarking on a home renovation, extension or new build project is an exciting time, but it can be stressful. I am well equipped with the know-how, competence and confidence to manage the process, keep your project running smoothly, and share the journey with you from start to finish,

What others have said

Here's what a few of my previous client's have to say about working with me.

Sarah greener
BILLIE Dearsley

We were unsure where to start in the purchasing / renovations process and Jen provided honest and helpful advice on the appropriate strategy for us. Whether you need guidance on an entire project or simply on a specific aspect, Jen is a really good person to speak to. We found her friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and very responsive (which seems to be a rarity in the building / design industry from our experiences). We would not hesitate to use Jen again in the future.


Can’t recommend [enough]! We were house hunting and it was great to get ideas of how we could renovate the different houses we were looking at. We’ve since bought and have had some awesome advice on how we can renovate our kitchen and also maximise the space we have currently. To say I’m clueless about this stuff is an understatement so it’s great to have an expert to hand. Jen is incredibly active and responsive.

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