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Renovation Toolbox Coaching Programme

So, you’ve finally got the money together to start renovating your home, but with that comes decisions!

What work to prioritise, how to get the biggest bang for your buck, where to find reliable builders, painters, plumbers, electricians that’ll do the job right first time, how to project manage it in the right order…

 What you really want is for the renovation to run smoothly and be stress free.

 Without any costly hiccups or mistakes.

 To know you’re spending your money wisely, whilst creating a home you really love.

 You’re definitely not alone if you feel nervous about how to connect all the dots in your renovation project.

 It’s totally normal and I’m here to help you.

 It’s why I started this business… to bring the process and control from my commercial build experience to residential projects, so you don’t end up being the topic of renovation horror stories at the next neighbourhood BBQ!

So how can I help? Here's the down low…

 I’m pulling together a group of homeowners and showing them exactly how to achieve their dream home vision on time, within budget, and without all the unnecessary stress that usually comes with home renovations.

 In the words of my former client Jess Britten of @hallweneed, I’ll be your “secret reno weapon”.

 All within my new home renovation coaching programme, aptly called the ‘Renovation Toolbox’ because there are multiple components to help you get the job done.

AKA… tools in the renovation toolbox.


I'm going to guide you to complete everything from the planning, designing and specifying of your home, right through to the scoping, pricing and tendering so you can achieve your dream home goals without all the unnecessary stress of not knowing where to start, what things will cost, or how long it will take.

Then I’m going to give you the ‘tools’ to actually run your entire renovation project on site, beginning to end, as easily and seamlessly as possible.

 This is perfect for anyone wanting to renovate their home, regardless of budget, scope and how much you have or haven’t achieved already.

 Most home renovations go waaaayy over budget, over time, and well over the homeowner’s stress threshold.

 With my help, you’ll be the exception.

Coaching Programmes

If you feel up to the challenge of running your own renovation project, but would love some support, then my coaching programme is for you. Opt for either the standard or premium version, depending on your requirements.

Jump on a call, tell me about yourself and your dream home goals, and if we're a good fit I'll suggest the best option for you.

Jump on a call, tell me about yourself and your dream home goals, and if we're a good fit I'll suggest the best option for you.