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Feeling motivated? I have a range of free resources, workbooks, ebooks and workshops to help get you started - you can complete them in your own time, at your own pace and without the price tag that comes with hiring a Project Manager. I will also have my 'Renovation Foundations' eCourse launching 3 May and with one Module per week dropping for six weeks.

Free Stuff

Here you'll find my series of guides including printable grid paper with instructions for how to sketch a floorplan, checklists and briefing templates to help figure out exactly what your renovation scope will be, and there's even a few free ebooks containing cost-saving ideas, top tips and tricks, and a handy glossary of industry terms.


My 'Renovation Foundations' eCourse which teaches you how to kickstart and manage your home renovation project from start to finish, including budgeting, specifying, tendering and more.


My 'renovation series' of ebooks covers everything you need to know when renovating your home. Each ebook covers a specific room or area of the home, and takes you through the design and build process, all the decisions you need to make along the way, and the information required to make those decisions.


If you're struggling to get started with your project, then these workbooks are the ideal tool for you. They cover how to prepare a floor plan, identify project scope, and set the brief with clear and concise step by step instructions. They even include interactive (or printable) checklists and grid paper.


From time to time I will host training workshops over Zoom - you can either watch live or catch the recording. Recordings for all historic workshops are available for purchase here too.

Renovators Forum

Need a Project Manager in your pocket? Then my VIP Group is for you. Whether you’re planning a renovation or mid-way through managing one, there’s inevitably a point where you’ll think HELP! What you need is a renovation expert in your pocket.  Someone who can look at your problem or question from an objective perspective and give you advice based on actual experience and knowledge. The good news is - that’s me! That's why I set up my VIP Group.

Still not sure?

Jump on a call, tell me about yourself and your dream home goals, and if we're a good fit I'll suggest the best option for you.