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I know how you’re feeling. Any renovation or new build project is as exciting as it is daunting...

...you’ve saved hard to gather the money you need and now you have to spend it in the most efficient and clever way possible. No pressure! It’s difficult to do it alone, especially when you don’t have the right tools, resources or network behind you. That's where these ebooks come in...

The ebooks

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The benefits

Grab this bundle of ebooks designed to help you renovate and DIY your home like a pro. Whether you buy one ebook, a few of them, or all 10, you'll experience the following great benefits.

A consultant in your pocket for a fraction of the price

Consider these ebooks as a look inside my brain - I have 10+ years experience running residential and commercial projects up to $200m in value, and in these ebooks I share all of the information I use to run my private client projects effectively and efficiently. From the design and build process, to all of the information required to make decisions in a chronological order - everything you need to make informed decisions at every stage of your project is included.

Cost-saving ideas

Let's be realistic, it's unlikely you can achieve your entire wishlist with your project budget. I've run residential projects from $100k - $2m, but you don't have to spend that much to get the home of your dreams. I share cost-saving ideas throughout my ebooks, as well as advice on where it's worth spending the money, and where you might consider compromising. Some of the ebooks also have save versus splurge tables, so you can see exactly which decisions are contributing to larger expenditure.

Easy to understand

Feeling overwhelmed by all the technical jargon your architect, engineer and builder are using? Keep up with the clear explanations and layman's terms used throughout my ebooks - they're all written in my own words accompanying images and sketches when needed; and if there is anything you don't understand then rest assured I also have a FREE 'Learn the Lingo' ebook containing a 235+ word glossary to assist..

Detailed advice, tips and tricks

No matter the scale of your project, I break down the scope into simple bite size pieces to keep you in check along the way, and more importantly, before you get too far along and make expensive mistakes. Since each ebook covers a specific room or rooms in your home, the content is thorough, detailed and extremely relevant.

An excellent resource for those in the planning stages, and surprisingly comprehensive too. I learned some great tips on how to get the luxe look for less ... without compromising on quality or style. It’s evident that it has been written by someone with experience who can provide knowledgeable insight into all aspects of a project. ”


If you’ve got a vision in mind but you’ve heard the horror stories of massive budget blowouts, then my ebooks will help you keep your project within budget and financially stress-free.

My ebooks all contain tips on saving money throughout your project, no matter the size, scope or room.

I’ve been there, done that and now I’m sharing my best insider knowledge to help you prepare your budget and make sure there are no unexpected costs.


Whether you need tips and tricks for how to get underway with your project, advice on how to choose fittings, fixtures, finishes and furniture, or maybe you’re simply looking for a comprehensive guide to reference each time a question arises or you're feeling overwhelmed, my ebooks have you covered.

The objective of these ebooks is to educate, advise and guide you towards achieving the best outcome for your project. You can trust that I’m well equipped with the expertise, experience and resources to share the ups and downs of your journey with you, and if the ebooks aren't enough - then you can join my VIP group on Facebook for extra support.

What others have said

Another insightful and super digestible e-book with all of the right tips to get you started. Everyone should read this before they embark on a renovation of any scale. I particularly needed to read “07. Be Open-Minded” – what do you mean I can’t afford everything on my Pinterest board?! This is a really nice & simple way to break it all down and help to keep you in check along the way, and more importantly, before you get too far and you have already made an expensive mistake. Amazing resource! Thanks Jen.

Sophie Ericksen

 / About my Insider Tips & Tricks ebook

Can’t recommend this group more! I joined whilst we were house hunting and it was great to get ideas of how we could renovate the different houses we were looking at. We’ve since bought and have had some awesome advice on how we can renovate our kitchen and also maximise the space we have currently. To say I’m clueless about this stuff is an understatement so it’s great to have an expert to hand. Jen is incredibly active and responsive on the page. And it’s great seeing others ask questions as it’s given us even more inspiration!

Faith Welch

/ About my VIP Group

If you are planning to spend money on upgrading your property and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend you read this e-book first as it really makes you take the time to think about all the elements involved and the clever ways you can make cost effective improvements, I now understand where to spend the time and effort to invest so we can work towards having a home we love to live in.

Janine Winter

/ About my Budget Hacks ebook

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Offer #2:

Order all 10 ebooks for

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Jen Jones

I'm a spreadsheet and gantt chart geek. I love to design kitchens and bathrooms. I love to host dinner parties. I enjoy yoga, beach time with my husband and daughter, and brunch with my girlfriends. I also love my job and then I’m here to help!   

So what makes me your best home reno' weapon? Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with established New Zealand commercial businesses including NorthWest Shopping Centre, Auckland Airport, BNZ, BP, Lumino, Flight Centre and more, managing their construction projects, as well as undertaking residential projects of my own.

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