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How to use tracing paper for your home renovation

Tracing paper is one of my go-to tools when it comes to sketching floor plan ideas or elevations.

Whether you’re working off a floor plan you created, one from your realtor’s website, or something your architect or interior designer drew up – tracing paper is your friend!

I’ve prepared a quick video on how to use it, following the steps below.

The steps

Place the tracing paper over your floor plan and tape it to a surface with masking tape or secure it in a clipboard.

Use a thicker pen and trace the exterior perimeter of the house, including notches to show window and door locations. We recommend the Artline 210 0.6mm.

If you have a photocopier, now’s a great time to put a few sheets of tracing paper into your printer and take copies.  This way, you’ll only need to trace the perimeter once.

Use a thinner pen or pencil to test out some interior layouts. If you’re using a pen, try the Artline 220 0.2mm.

Bonus tip

For elevations, follow the same process as above. You can test out kitchen and wardrobe layouts, media walls, and anything else that isn’t a plain wall.

Watch the video here…

Can you see why we love it so much? You can buy the A4 sheets in the video from Office Max.

If you prefer, you can also use A3 sheets. Both sizes are 90gsm and come in a pack of 50.

Have you given tracing paper a go?

Share your experience in the comments below!

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