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What’s your interior design style?

A common problem I hear from clients is to do with the overall look and feel of their home. They might have a few items of furniture they really like, and a bit of a colour scheme in mind, but they don’t know what to call their style.

What makes you, you

The good news is, whether you think so or not, everyone has a unique style. If you take all the things you’re drawn to, there’s usually an underlying characteristic. At Nine Yard Consulting, I see it in my client’s Pinterest and mood boards.

That’s why I created the interior styles quiz… each page has an image of one room in the house (bedroom, dining room etc) and you choose the image that resonates with you most. At the end of the quiz, you’ll see your result.

The outcome might be Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian, Country Farmhouse or one of six others.

So if you’ve ever wondered what your interior design style is, now’s your chance to find out.

How it works

I’ve compiled the imagery that encompasses nine different interior styles – all in one easy quiz. Choose the images that resonate with you the most on each slide and I’ll let you know which style came out on top. Once you know what your style is, try searching for it on Pinterest for project inspo! i.e. ‘mid-century modern kitchen’.

The interior styles quiz

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