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I created this eCourse to ensure that your home renovation project runs smoothly from day one. We will cover everything from scoping, setting out realistic timelines, budgeting and all the documentation you’ll need.

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This ecourse is designed to ensure your home renovation project is set up for success from day one, so you can move forward with your dream home goals with confidence and clarity. I'm here to get you ensure your home renovation project is run without unnecessary stress, massive budget blowouts, or timeline overruns that could have been avoided.

Imagine if in six months time you're sitting in your newly renovated home entertaining friends you were too embarrassed to have over before?

What's more, with lifetime access you'll be able to do it seamlessly next time too, if this isn't your 'forever' home.

Commit to home renovation success and I'll give you everything you need to...

  • Kickstart your home renovation, even if you have no idea of where to start or what things will cost
  • Get crystal clear on your exact scope, so you don't get tripped with extra items later that cause a budget blowout
  • Set a realistic timeline for your home renovation project and help you to stay on track
  • Brief and bring in exactly the right people for your renovation, from consultants to contractors
  • Prepare all of the documentation needed to ensure your whole project team knows exactly what's needed of them
  • Build your budget from scratch so you can make an informed decision of how to proceed (as is or with some compromises depending on how much it will cost and what you have to spend)
  • Run your renovation project smoothly before and during the construction works, and even wrapping it up at the end
  • Meet your host

    Hi, I’m Jen Jones, the owner and founder of Nine Yards Consulting. I help rookie renovators transform their homes without unnecessary stress, timeline overruns and budget blowouts.

    Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with established New Zealand commercial businesses such as NorthWest Shopping Centre, Auckland Airport, BNZ, BP, Lumino, Flight Centre and more, managing their construction projects as well as undertaking residential projects of my own.

    This combination of fit out, project and cost management experience allows me to take a holistic approach to any renovation or extension project. I set up Nine Yards Consulting in 2019 to offer this experience and expertise as a project consultant to the residential sector. 

    That’s enough from me!

    Here's what my students have to say....

    "I have loved this eCourse, its so easy to follow and full of such valuable information and resources. I haven't done this course alongside an actual renovation, but now I can't wait to find our next house that we can renovate and put all that I've learnt into action. Understanding the costs involved with renovating using the ballpark figures provided is super helpful when trying to decide the extent of your renovation, and is also great for when your house hunting and trying to work out what you can afford to pay for the house as well as any potential renovations. I highly recommend this course."


    Brigette Tapene

    "The amount of information and resource in the foundations ecourse is staggering. I love the bite sized pieces of content as it makes it all easily digestible and the downloadable resources are super helpful, I especially found the price indication really eye opening and helped us to scope out exactly what we can afford to do with our renovation."


    Janine Winter

    "I am nearly half way through the Renovation Toolbox Programme modules and already its been well worth the investment! As a renovation rookie I was completely naive as to how much things cost, their timelines, and when and how to even get started. Jen's course has helped to give us a much needed reality check so we can approach our renovation with the knowledge and skills to make it work for us and avoid any unwelcome surprises. We feel so supported through the process with having Jen available for questions in ... the Facebook group. The modules are clear and easy to follow and it's great that we can work through it at our own pace."


    Sonia Gavin

    This home renovation eCourse includes...

    Module One: Kickstart your Renovation

    The hardest part is getting started.

    No matter your level of experience or stage of the project, I’ll help you to bring it back to basics to make sure the fundamentals are in place to ensure a successful renovation, as well as an early budget ballpark check before we get too carried away.

    Module Two: Set the Programme

    Knowing the order of things in my renovation roadmap, and how long each phase of the project will take, will help you to set the milestones for delivery on your renovation journey.

    You’re in charge of the timeline, but I’ll help you set a realistic one.

    Module Three: Brief your Team

    A home renovation is a team of many, not a team of one. Identifying who to add to your team and when is critical to delivery success

     Do you need an architect? A draftsman? An engineer? What type of engineer? I’ll help you to answer these questions and bring them in.

    Module Four: Drawings & Documentation

    Renovating your home without some kind of documentation is setting yourself up for failure (and budget blowouts!). Even the most rookie of renovators can whip up a floor plan.

    How do I know? Because I’m going to break it down into super digestible steps for you.

    Fixtures, fittings, finishes and equipment can both make or break your budget and timeline. Finding the right balance between interior fitout aesthetic / quality and bottom line is a fine art that I’ll teach you how to nail.

    Module Five: Building your Budget

    When your drawings and FFF&E is en route to completion, you can start to build your budget, room by room, line by line. This is a big task, but it’ll be easier for you than anyone else.

    Why? Because you’ve already done most of the work!

    When you’re confident you can afford what you’ve asked for, I’ll show you how to prepare a comprehensive scope document for your builder and issue it for preliminary pricing… I’ll even show you what to look out for in quotes before you sign your life (and your home!) away.

    Module Six: Underway on Site

    There’s a reason planning takes place over five steps and construction is only one!

    Your hard work has paid off, and now you just need to keep the momentum going.

    There will be unexpected things that come up – that’s the nature of any renovation – but thanks to your prior planning nothing is insurmountable and if it feels like it is, then don’t worry – I’m there to support you.

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