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Renovation Budget Consultation


If you’ve never renovated before and have no idea what to expect in terms of budget, I can help by creating a bespoke budget plan to set you up for success.

Renovating and / or extending your home is a big deal and it can feel overwhelming, especially when you think of all your hard-earned cash that needs to be invested to get that dream home result. If you’re not sure how much things cost or have a strict budget and not sure what it will cover, then I can help.

To begin with, I’ll jump on a call with you to discuss the current condition and desired result so I can get a feel for what the Council requirements might be – this is important as Building Permit, Architect / Drafting and Engineering fees can quickly eat up a big chunk of your budget if the scope can’t be completed without going through Council.

Next, I will prepare a Project Budget outlining all the professional fees and compliance costs you might need to cover, and what that leaves behind for the actual renovation. I’m more than happy to then either divi up the remaining budget to show how far you might get with it (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, painting, flooring etc) and / or provide some cost-saving options to help avoid Council fees and / or engineering (by modifying the scope of the project).


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