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Identify what’s most important in your project, to avoid disappointment¬†later.

Once you have completed my project scoping checklist (grab the FREE download above) take stock of what came up and use my project scoping lists to summarise they key items for your project.

There are three lists included, the need-to-dos, the non-negotiables and the nice-to-haves.

Need-to-dos are things like replacing the roof or rewiring your home, whereas the non-negotiables are those must-have items that you or your partner aren’t prepared to compromise on. Getting clear on those upfront (and revisiting often!) will make sure you’re both on the same page with what’s important. It could be as simple as ‘brass tapware and hardware’ or as big as a scullery, walk-in-wardrobe or ensuite. You decide!

The nice-to-haves are things you both agree would be bonuses, but only if budget allows – like a double sided gas fireplace, or floor-to-ceiling tiling to the bathrooms.

2 reviews for Project Scoping Lists

  1. Anita Gong

    This is a great resource to identify what’s really important and make plans with clarity and ease. Anita

  2. Sarah Murphy

    A cute way to force my husband to put his renovation needs and wants into writing!

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