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20 Insider Tips and Tricks ebook

(6 customer reviews)


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I’m sharing my ultimate insider knowledge to help your project run as smoothly as possible.

New projects are exciting but they can also be daunting. If you’ve got a vision in mind but you’re not sure where to start, these tips will help you kick off your project with a bang.

This ebook contains my top 20 tips for any renovation or new build project. I’ve been there, done that and now I am sharing my best insider knowledge to help you prepare for what’s to come. These tips will set you up for success, and help you move through the process as smoothly as possible.

6 reviews for 20 Insider Tips and Tricks ebook

  1. Anita Gong

    I’m so glad I came across this ebook as it raised awareness of building and construction aspects I never considered which has saved me both time and money. It was also a great way to gain insight into the working style of Jen before engaging in her services, which meant that we could be a good fit. Will definitely be saving this ebook in the reno file for future use!

  2. Sarah Murphy

    A brief overview of some helpful reno tips – exactly as described. Some of these tips I had not thought of, and others were just good have reiterated.

  3. Asha Frost

    Absolutely brilliant guide. Simple and pretty to look at (because that is always super important when discussing building and design). Wish I had seen it a little sooner as the tip about running extra cabling and just leave it sitting in the roof is just bloody genius. I agonised about how much or little lighting I was adding into our new build, as when you haven’t lived in a space it is so hard to know exactly what is going to be needed or not. Not to worry I am well armed for our next build (once my husband has recovered from working with me on this one hehe). Jen certainly knows her stuff! And its FREE I mean what more could you ask for to give you a kickstart to improving your building/reno knowledge.

  4. Sophie Ericksen

    Another insightful and super digestible e-book with all of the right tips to get you started. Everyone should read this before they embark on a renovation of any scale. I particularly needed to read “07. Be Open-Minded” – what do you mean I can’t afford everything on my Pinterest board?! This is a really nice & simple way to break it all down and help to keep you in check along the way, and more importantly, before you get too far and you have already made an expensive mistake. Amazing resource! Thanks Jen.

  5. Megan Trezise

    Some great tips here. Some that I probably already knew, but good to have reiterated. And done that I definitely didn’t think of! And it’s such a pretty easy to read layout

  6. Amelia Boland

    Such a valuable read, we used at least half of these tips in our recent bathroom reno, and others weren’t relevant for this project but certainly will be for others. Number 1 was absolutely key!

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