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Let's get renovating!

Every project begins with a vision, but there’s a lot to think about in the process of developing that vision into a tangible outcome. Here you'll find three workbooks to help get your renovation kickstarted with a bang.

How to prepare a floor plan

Sketch out your floorplan to help you visualise the changes.

Measuring your home and sketching a rough floorplan isn't as hard as you may think, this workbook covers everything you need to know when preparing both an existing and a proposed floor plan, including printable scaled grid paper in A4 or A3, and tips on how to use a free online tool to create a digital copy of your floor plan.

$5 NZD

How to identify your renovation project scope

Get a crystal clear scope to show your tradesmen.

My renovation project scoping checklist contains a list of all of the rooms in your home and everything to assess within those rooms to help build your project scope. Literally everything from exterior cladding and roofing to skirtings and scotia gets checked off.

When completing the assessment, the checklist offers options for categorising i.e. replace, repair; and a place to add more specific comments.

$5 NZD

How to prepare a brief

Identify what's most important in your project, to avoid disappointment later.

Preparing a brief is a lot easier if you've started with my 'how to prepare a renovation project scope' workbook! That way you can take stock of what came up and use this briefing workbook to summarise the key items for your project.

This workbook gives you a clear and concise way of summarising your scope into key points for briefing your designer, architect, engineer or builder.

$5 NZD